Romanian children deprived of parental affection…

Because in recent years millions of romanians are working abroad,their children remain in the country in care of relatives or grandparents,best case,one of teh parents.In this situation there are over 300 000 children.

An important part of them are at  the age at whichthey need most of affection from their parents.It is envisioned that many of them go through the emotional trauma that may have dramatic consequences in their physical evolution.Although parents are required by law to declare who leave children in care,statistics show that only about 7% do so.Another study showed that 30% of these children are depressed.

In Romania – and especially in Moldova, the poorest region, not today, yesterday – are many families who can no longer provide a living. Parents have found work abroad, especially in countries like Italy or Spain. The first and most important price that assumed to pay is depriving their children of “seven years from home.”I do not know how many people who leave to work abroad are aware of the terrible risks that expose their children.They will fell the long absence like an abandon.

Juvenile Abandonment

Former communist part of Europe, including Romania, is still a big problem with abandoned children. Orphanages are full of children whose parents chose to abandon the extreme solution.

What could, under these circumstances, measures to limit maternity leave, in Romania, since they are already filled orphanages and nurseries have become insufficient?

Dropout problem is still topical in the Czech Republic, which is said to have surpassed long transition period where there are 22,000 institutionalized children, informs Deutsche Welle.

Indeed, there are included and children with physical or mental, but the fact is that abandonment is a growing phenomenon juvenile.

Only 4% of children institutionalized in orphanages have reached the following decisions of the authorities, the rest being here only with the consent and the parents’ wishes.

Host family? A little known word

In the West, there is a long tradition of host families. Only in 2005, 9,000 children from Germany were placed outside the family circle.

Where do these children? They come from families in crisis situations, where there is violence, drugs or poverty.

There will always be parents who will be unable to perform their duties, so the company created a system where children are placed with other families and not in orphanages.

It requires tolerance and understanding, as children in orphanages or poor families come with communication problems and physical problems caused by malnutrition, not necessarily, but rather the lack of a stable environment in which the child is attention and love.Children in institutions come mostly from minorities. It takes courage to take care of such children. For it must overcome prejudice and stereotips about ethnicity.

And yet … when officials will think more deeply about these issues?


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