How to become a slave in a chocolate factory in the U.S.

Two of Romanian young people to protest working conditions they found in the U.S. through the “Work and Travel” tell what happened to the “Promised Land”.

Cristian Deacon’s second visit to the U.S., “Work and Travel”. First was the dream of one explains. America fell in love, and when he returned home only about this story. So for him to return there this year was more than just a curiosity.

“I thought it would be better, especially since I knew what it eats States,” says the boy. Is 21 years old and not a single moment imagine that he would find there what he called a “camp”. Since the first week since he came to Hershey chocolate factory, fell into a deep depression. He realized that the promised salary, after he stopped all deductions, taxes and rent, had no money even to eat. And the rate at which he was asked to work became increasingly tedious. “Faster, faster, faster” is what I heard for days, he and colleagues from the production line.

“I was threatened that to be fired”

“When we arrived safely at the airport I was so happy I could not kiss the earth,” says the boy. “From the beginning everyone said it was hard work, but I really enjoy it just me, because me you and me in shape. But when I saw that for a week I was paid $ 59 instead of about $ 300 … I went to ask what happened, maybe it was a mistake, they said that there is no mistake and this is my check after settlement. I asked for help sponsor the visa, or Cetus, but They quickly sent me telling me that if I leave work, will be sent home immediately, “says Cristian.

The contract says the boy is stipulated that bonuses will be included, but were immediate. Managers announced the production of 110%, even more, that’s his Romanian colleagues there and they found and what was going wrong. Line managers were terrible, from what he says. They were not Americans, they talked nasty on his Chinese nickname “Bruce Lee” and nobody understood much of what they asked in broken English.

So the students rent apartments spark protest began to light up. They originally said to be diplomats. Were addressed to those who brought them there. “But Cetus not sponsor helped us with anything,” says the boy. “All we tried to say, I was threatened to be fired and sent home to. So upset that I work in conditions that have only poor blacks lived in centuries past, poorly paid, threatened, I started inform me what I could do. We’re willing to ask the help of an NGO dealing with it, “says Cristian beginning their protest.

Friends. Cristian Deacon, despite the events, America remains a favorite destination

It’s quiet. And says that, despite all what happened, does not hate all Americans.

Great Expectations and reality

Besides Christian, among the initiators of the movement that brought students from Hershey in the street is his colleague Decebal Bilan. He is one week strike. The protest, which appeared in the pages of major newspapers on a U.S. petition. Petition that says Decebal, Hershey leadership refuses to read. Decebal describes as the hardest working production line, one for syrup. The day he worked there he calculated that approximately 12 tonnes lifted.

“Even after the days have proved easier than all that I could not feel his fingers and back. After a month of work, all the money I received was $ 430, you need to eat and experience American culture. Since when in America I visited only two cities. So I decided to get involved in the strike, to return the money ($ 3.500) that I spent to come here. But because I do not want no other Romanian student to experience what we experienced in May. ”

He had great expectations from “Heaven’s Gate.” He wanted to put money aside. “To recover the investment, let’s buy a laptop, some clothes and other gifts for the home,” says Decebal. Instead, somewhat ironically, got chocolate in lunch breaks. “These have almost the whole city, amusement park, museum,” Chocolate World shopping center, “stadium for concerts and hockey games. Even the town took its name after the chocolate,” describes the dimensions Romanian opponent who is determined to be face.


I ask foreigners protest

Cristian Bilan Decebal Deacon and are part of the approximately 200 foreign students who protested on Wednesday in a chocolate factory that packs in Hershey (USA). Discontented say summer program, which ought to be a cultural exchange, has turned into a case of exploitation. Their problem came to be told, including the prestigious publication “New York Times.”

Students signed a petition in which he explains the dissatisfaction. “This petition asks: 1. Rent less, 2. To cut unnecessary deductions, 3. The State Department visa sponsor to take power that does not fulfill its duties more than that, making our life hell, 4. moral damages to be paid us, 5. to provide jobs Americans are desperate to find a job, “he explained to EVZ Cristian Deacon.


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