Transnistria corrupted customs officials ?

Dinamo Bucharest football team supporters who were returning from the match in Ukraine, were stopped by transnistrian custom officials at the border with Moldova .

According to the electronic edition newspaper Jurnal de Chisinau, supporters “dogs” were placed on board four buses and returned from Ukraine, where were present Thursday at Poltava Vorska game – Dinamo, the play-off League.

Custom officials have initially demanded 200 euro for each person to pass the border,reminding them that the Romanian President,Traian Basescu,considered them as an illegal separatist republic.

What shocks me is that they were aware that this case will be made ​​public and everyone will know about the incident, however, they did not hesitate to do so. I wonder who it is, in fact, behind this incident? I find it hard to believe they have  taken the initiative on their own…Also,is strange that I have not heard yet, the official reaction of the authorities there.I hope they will do it,soon…


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