File of a regular romanian’s life

In these years the financial and professional pressures, combined with poor measures in all areas, poor living conditions lead to more and less likely to study, to make plans even for the near future.
I read some data from Eurostat, is incredible: a Spanish poor man, for example, is 2.3 times richer even than in reality a man of average income in Romania. The Romanian considered decent living, actually living 3.6 times worse than the worst paid Luxembourg.
72% of Romanians consider that lives are much worse than in previous years, and trust in politicians is at its lowest.
These are just some data that I’ve read, but I think that reality is likely to be even more precarious situation.
While studying in a state university cost much more than modest income family, (the private universities much more expensive), to graduation you get unemployment for a few months, following that, if you have relationships or relatives abroad, and a chance to take a small job in agriculture or related fields (in one of the countries that most recently, imposing restrictions on Romanian workers (Spain, France, etc).
In such conditions I do not know how a mother is accused of having many children, no job neither she nor her husband, and decides, perhaps, to accept her daughter to go dancing or more, in other countries, or even get to sell their organs on the black market, or worse, in some cases,even one child.
If the minimum rights (right to education, right to a decent life, right to work – in the EU is increasingly restricted, although we are told EU members), if you chance to hold a job is also slower by the day , I wonder what we do next. I personally would go somewhere else, but to seek the international job market is expensive and chances aren’t big to succeed. I do not understand when the politicians will really consider the ordinary people. They do not ask who they will rule if/when all will be gone, or worse …? Already there are desolate places,empty villages,where remained only a three old people…

Romania,where do you go…?!


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