Navy Day scandal in Romania,

It is absolutely incredible, in my opinion, such characters as Miron Cozma (former leader of the Jiu Valley miners) have no minimum common sense to stay away from trouble. Switching from a gesture of normally and peacefully protest,to a pathetic one,violating all rules and moral code, trying to excite the crowd,is absolutely unacceptable.
I consider for ordinary people to progress, we need real leaders, the society is progressing when we have exemplary leaders, or what we see today, seems just a bunch of punks (language and behavior). This so-called leaders invoke morality, violating a rule instead…this kind of people are desirable.
What is actually more worrying is that these cases, so-called isolated, actually reflect the image of many national leaders, the image of many Romanian politicians. How could Romania progress in these conditions and, worse, the kind of leaders?
I think our only complain is not enough, remember the following election year again,and the next one-another year election…so we have the power to redress it.


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