Spain restricts romanian workers

This is a Crime Against International Human Rights
Romer ported from Spain: If “Total exclusion”

Spain has the EU Commission’s decision may stop Romanians from working in the country.
Romanians in Spain
Spain has an unemployment rate of as much as 21 percent, and if you compare it with the average – 9.4 percent – in the EU, it is very high.

Among the Romanian nationals living in Spain, unemployment is 30 percent. On 1 January 2010 were 823,000 Romanian nationals living in Spain. That figure has doubled since 1 January 2006. Then it stood at 388,000 residents Romanians.

Source: Parliamentary & Ministry

On Thursday, got a country for the first time the right to stop the Romanian citizens from working in the country. It is the European Commission has approved Spain’s request to protect their labor. Until the end of the year 2012/2013, they are now entitled to prevent the Romanians.

– It’s awful. Roma throughout Europe are marginalized in the labor market, school, and the housing market, says Angelina Dimitri-Taikon, teachers and rum to Nyheter24.

Since Romania joined the EU in 2005, the former member states could restrict freedom of movement in different steps. But Spain now uses the words of a safeguard clause allowing Member States to re-impose restrictions on access. And that the clause now in use is historically, writes Riksdag & Department.

But Spain is not the only country that has acted firmly against Roma. Earlier, France has been criticized because they have expelled hundreds of Roma from the country.

– It’s awful. That Roma are totally excluded, not only in Spain. This is the case here in Sweden too, says Angelina Dimitri-Taikon


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