Humans buried in Budapest: homeless people, behind crimes

Hungarian police believe that behind the crimes in Budapest, where people were buried alive to receive the cards PIN codes, and were discovered after a Romanian managed to escape the same fate, would be a band of homeless people.

Hungarian authorities say that this band was living in a colony of homeless people on Tuesday, quoted by Jerusalem Post.

“I think I remember the gang leaders,” said Zoltan Csizner, National Bureau of Investigation Director in Hungary.

Police also announced that three people arrested, including a Macedonian band that would be the boss, and in this group are also found three other members in jail, arrested several months ago.

The case was discovered after a Romanian ethnic Hungarian living in Budapest, was also their victim would die and buried in the forest on the island in the Hungarian capital, where died and four or six people in the same way.

Young told the Serbs, whom he knew, invited him to drink a beer with his friends – a homeless couple in a forest. The three suspects attacked him and forced him to give his credit cards and to tell the PIN codes. After he provided the information, the suspects have buried the Romanian citizen, with hands tied behind his back.

Romanian buried alive in Budapest to be stealing money from the cards

The man managed to escape and fought with the dog after his attackers, returned to his home, where he alerted police. On the way home, he asked for help several people, but none were willing.

The press writes that the Serbian police arrested 24 hours after the incident, but has not publicly announced until after the operation he admitted the crimes.


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