After Spain,France imposes restrictions on Romanians work

Slowly, slowly,Europe close the doors in the nose of romanians. We are talking about access to employment in the EU. After Spain, France put new restrictions on the labor market. The government in Paris has reduced the list of occupations for which immigrants can be hired. The measure affects and Romanian workers.

Romanians who wants to go to France can not work from now on, in construction or in the computer. Jobs in these areas were cut from the list of jobs for which immigrants can engage.

Although Romania is a member of the European Union, France hasn’t totally liberalized access to Romanian and Bulgarian workers in the labor market. Reducing the list of jobs to foreigners is part of the general policy of the Government of decreased flow of immigrants, considered a stake in 2012 presidential election.

The measure comes just days after the Commission gives green light to Spain to reintroduce the work permit for Romanian.

Roads to work in Europe for Romanian therefore narrows. This summer, the Netherlands changed the conditions in which Romanians can work in the land of tulips. Authorities in The Hague decided to treat the Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants outside like any European Uninii and grant them work permits “only in exceptional circumstances.”

Restrictions on employment of Romanian workers are in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malta.

Under the Accession Treaty, by 2014 there is a transitional period during which each Member State should gradually liberalize the labor market access of Romanian workers. In other words, in 2014 we can work anywhere in the EU without restrictions.


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